Jesus calls us to live generous lives.  We give of our time, talents and money. More than an obligation, we see giving as an incredible opportunity.  When we open our hands and release our resources, powerful things happen:

  • We confess that God is the source of every good thing in our lives and we embrace our call to manage what ultimately belongs to Him.

  • We worship Him as Lord and affirm that He, not our money or the things it buys and represents, has first place in our hearts.

  • We become partners in funding the work of His Kingdom, helping show and share the love and life that Jesus offers to others- both locally and around the globe.

  • We help sustain our life and mission as a local church family.

We receive offerings during our Sunday worship gatherings.  We also offer the option to give electronically at your convenience.  You can learn more about electronic giving or give a gift now below.