2019 Annual Meeting

Did You Miss This Year's

Annual Meeting?

Each year, on the second Sunday of December, Macedonia Christian Church holds an annual congregational meeting.  During this time, church members have the opportunity to select Deacons & Elders and approve the next year's church budget.

Below are a few audio files from this year's meeting.  Please listen and then read over a few points of emphasis below.  If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to Fred Turner at fredsturner@gmail.com

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Where do we stand financially?

● We accurately projected our spending for 2019.  However, our giving didn’t rise to the level of covering our expenses.  We covered the shortfall from our financial reserves.

● In preparing the 2020 budget, we aggressively reviewed and reduced expenses- including eliminating pay raises and Christmas gifts for our staff.

● If our giving stays flat next year, we are projecting a gap of $107K between our income and a lean operating budget.

● We can’t significantly reduce our budget further without making staffing reductions, which we don’t believe are necessary at this time.


Why do we have a financial gap?

● We have NOT had any financial mismanagement or ethical issues.  Thanks be to God!

● This is part of the life cycle that churches with a long legacy go through.  Established members who have carried the financial load reduce their giving, exit the church or pass away. (This represents about 40% of the gap between our budget and our giving last year.) New members of the church family (who may not give at the same level) come on board.  It can take a while to complete and balance this cycle.

● Over the past two years, we’ve addressed pressing maintenance issues for our church facility and increased our investment in family ministries.  These have been necessary and positive moves that are bearing good fruit.


Are we in trouble?

● No.  Through God’s provision, we have reserves to cover the difference between our giving and spending for roughly 3 years.  This gives us time to close the gap.

● While this isn’t an emergency, we need to act with urgency to partner with God to grow our giving.

● God continues to build His church body at MCC.  43% of our giving households are new to Macedonia in the last 5 years.

● We had 20 people take the step of becoming members in 2019.

● People are giving.  80% of the households who attend Macedonia with some regularity are contributing financially.


What will we do to address this?

God is our provider.  And He calls us to be diligent stewards.  We will partner with Him to work on this by:

1.   Growing our giving from within.

○ By asking for your help

○ Providing more giving options (ex. Electronic giving)

○ Increasing our emphasis on stewardship & generosity

2.   Continuing to reach out and invite others to unite with Jesus and our church family.

3.   Continuing to monitor our spending.  We typically hit or underspend our budget.


Didn’t we get a large influx of cash from a trust?  Where has that money gone?

God did bless us with a sizable trust!  It has allowed us to:

● Give generously from that income to numerous missions shortly after we received the money.

● Pay off all our debt- including covering a shortfall this year.  We have absolutely NO DEBT as a church!

● Expand the parking lot.

● Buy a new church van to replace our aging one.

● Enter 2020 with approximately $300,000 in reserves.


Why are we just hearing about this?

● We had sufficient reserves in the bank to cover the shortfall.

● We’ve not been in the habit of updating our church family on giving throughout the year.  This is something we will change going forward.


How does the Day School impact our finances?

● The Day School is a ministry of our church.  We provide the building, utilities, janitorial & payroll services at no cost to them.

● This past year, the day school’s income more than covered their expenses for staffing and supplies.


How can I help?  What would you ask us to do?

● First, if you have been giving financially- THANK YOU!  While we are projecting a gap between income and expenses, that doesn’t negate our appreciation for what HAS been given.

● If MCC is your church family (official member or not), we’d encourage you to review your giving with God.  Ask Him what might constitute your next step of generosity and stewardship.  For example:

Not giving? Feel like “you can’t”?  Start giving something. Trust God to help.

Giving random amounts?  Be intentional by making a giving plan with God and your family.

Giving inconsistently?  Be consistent.  Consider setting up recurring giving or using electronic giving (as we make it available) if it helps you.

Giving, but less than you feel God would have you give?  Grow the amount.  Take a step towards what you think God wants you to do.

Giving generously?  Thank you! Keep it up.

● PRAY for God to provide and to use this season as a catalyst for growth- both in us and through our church body.